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Joy to be Claimed, Chapter Three

Author: wild_force71
Fic Title: Joy to be Claimed
Rating: 15s
Fandoms: JF/SG1/SGA/Heroes

Chapter 3

Nathan was already tugging his tie loose when he came in, tossing a folder to Peter. “It’s some kind of secret government project. Project Blue Book. I can’t find anything else about it.”

“Blue Book,” Peter repeated, scanning through the couple of sheets of paper.

“It’s based under Cheyenne in Colerado, and enough men and supplies go in there to fight three wars. The IOA have a governing interest.”

“IOA?” Mohinder repeated.

“International Oversight committee. I know a couple people on it, but I can’t get them to tell me anything…not without getting attention, anyway.”

“What did Joe have to do with them?” Peter asked, passing the folder to Mohinder.

“Peter, I don’t know. I can’t find anything out. As far as I can tell, Joe’s a barber who wrote some fairly bad sci fi a few years back. He’s hardly ever left Indiana.”

“He wrote…”

“Very bad sci fi. Something about saving the universe, I don’t know. It reads like he’s seen a few too many episodes of Wormhole XTreme.”

“What on Earth is…never mind, I don’t want to know.” Mohinder closed the folder, laying it aside. “There is nothing to tie him to this…Project Blue Book?”

“Nothing I could find,” Nathan agreed. “But it’s buried so deep I can’t find anything. He could be in it up to his neck for all I know.”

“He’s not,” Peter said quietly. “He wasn’t important. He’s only…on the way.”

“On the way where?” Nathan protested.

Mohinder turned, looking at the painting of the floating city. “There. Sylar’s trying to get there.”

Standing down, it turned out, was really, really boring. There was only so much needling Rodney would take before retaliating, and John didn’t much enjoy freezing cold showers and doors refusing to open for him. Teyla and I had gone to visit the Athosians, and once he’d palmed off his paperwork onto Lorne he had nothing left to do.

Elizabeth tolerated his frequent visits with a fairly good grace, although by the fourth time he asked if there was any news she was looking a little frazzled.

“Perhaps you should take an exploratory team into the city,” she said finally, three days into the stand down. “There are still many areas we haven’t cleared yet.”

“Sounds like fun,” he agreed.

“Be careful,” she added. “Rodney’s sensor project isn’t quite done yet.”

“I thought he said two days?”

“Yes, well, he’s surrounded by incompetents. Didn’t you know?”

“I’ll go ask Zelenka who I can take.”

“I’m sure they’d be grateful. Go have fun.”

Peter was pacing. Nathan watched him carefully, pretending to read the sheets Mohinder kept giving him.


“Yes?” He put down the latest sheet. “Ocean Bluff. I heard you.”

Mohinder lowered his voice. “Peter sees what he sees for a reason.”

“He’s going to get himself killed. Again. One of these times he’ll stay dead.”

“He believes very strongly…”

“If he keeps poking around Project Blue Book the military will find him, and if they find out what he can do...”

“They can’t hold me,” Peter pointed out, coming to join them.

“The Company did.”

“That was voluntary.”

“And your jailer was insane. That’s not likely to happen again, so we need to leave Project Blue Book alone, ok?”

Peter studied him for a moment before nodding jerkily. “So what do we…”

“Right now we go get some rest. We can’t do anything until Mohinder figures out what the gene sequence does.”

“I don’t want to…”

“Peter,” Nathan said quietly.

Peter grimaced, turning away. “Yeah. Alright.”

“Sir?” Sam tapped on the door, leaning around it. Daniel was behind her, holding a folder and leafing through it.

“Yeah.” Jack waved her in, turning down the volume on his TV.

“Sir, we may have a problem.”

“What kind of problem?”

“A security problem. A geneticist in New York has been searching for occurrences of the ATA, and a senator called Nathan Petrelli has been looking into the project.”

“Looking into?”

“He hasn’t gotten anything but the Project Blue Book cover yet, but if he keeps digging…”

“What about the geneticist?”

“Mohinder Suresh. He’s been studying the Meta mutation. His father was the first person to posit its’ existence.”

Jack looked at Daniel, who translated, “They’re both looking for the SGC but they’re coming at it from different ends.”

“Nathan had an accurate reproduction of our patch.” Sam touched her shoulder patch.

“Ok, that’s not good.”

“No, it’s not,” Daniel agreed. “He’s approached the IOA.”

“He’s not…”

“NID, no sir. There was a suspected link to a mobster in Las Vegas, but it was never proved.”

“Also, he quit the senate for a while, but that was cleared up,” Daniel added. “He seems to be about as level as any politician.”

“Not much,” Jack summed up.

“Not much,” Daniel agreed. “General Landry wants us to keep an eye on them; so far they’re nowhere near finding us, but if they keep digging…”

“We might have to send out the men in black?” Jack suggested.

“Something like that, sir,” Sam agreed.

“So can I leave yet?”

“No, Jack, they don’t think this is related to Joe.”

“Ah. Well, in that case…” Jack turned the TV back up. “You’ll excuse me. New episode, you know.”

The Simpson’s theme music played, and Sam smiled faintly. “Right, sir. We’ll keep you updated.”

“You do that,” he agreed, waving them out.

Peter was standing on an open field, watching some kind of fight take place. He couldn’t make out the participants very well; there was a lot of flipping and kicking and the occasional explosion, and the dust they were throwing up obscured them quite neatly.

“You’re the chameleon, right?”

He turned to see a man wearing what looked like a purple and black training suit watching him.

“Where are we?”

“I’m not sure that’s the right question.”

His gaze slid past Peter to the fight, and Peter asked, more quietly, “Who are they?”

“Students. Or heroes. Depending.”

“Students of what?”

“Me. You’re the chameleon?”

“Empath,” Peter said slowly. He rarely bothered to define his power, it just was, but empath was how both Mohinder and Claude had described it.

“Empath,” the man repeated. Bowing slightly, he added, “I am the wolf.”

“Where are we?” Peter asked again.

“I told you. That’s the wrong question.”

“Then what’s the right question?”

He smiled. “The right question would be, how do we stop this from happening again.”

The dust cleared and Peter blinked in surprise. Half the participants in the fight were kids, teenagers wearing variants on the training uniform. The other half were…his first instinct was to label them as ‘monsters’, tall, thin, pale beings with distorted faces and long black cloaks or coats.

“When did this happen?” he asked softly.

“It hasn’t yet. But it will. In the city on the water.”

Peter turned, ready to ask more, and a wolf in the purple uniform jumped at him.



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Apr. 6th, 2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
Good dream sequence, nice pacing.
Apr. 6th, 2009 09:34 pm (UTC)
I *love* writing dream sequences; it's so much fun writing in the little things that'll be important later!
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