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Joy to be Claimed, Chapter One

Author: wild_force71
Fic Title: Joy to be Claimed, Chapter one
Rating: 15
Fandoms: JF/SG/Heroes.
Warning(s) Some violence, nothing worse than you'd see on the show.

The knock on his door woke Joe; he waited drowsily for someone to answer it before remembering he was alone. Charlene and Andy had gone to visit her sister.

Sighing, he pulled on a shirt and padded across to the door. The peephole showed him a dark-haired man in a delivery man’s uniform, holding a clipboard. “Who’s there?” he called.

The man jumped, looking up from his clipboard. “Mr Spencer?”

“Yes?” John slid the chain on, opening the door six inches.

“My name is Gabriel Grey. I’m here about your clock?”

“My clock?” Joe repeated.

“Um…” Gabriel studied his paperwork. “Grandfather? Been stopped for a while?”

“Oh! Yeah, that thing.” Joe closed the door, sliding the chain off to let him in. “Sorry, it’s been stopped so long I don’t think about it much. Come in.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s in…” He gestured. “Hey, I’m gonna get dressed, get some breakfast. You eaten?”

“Thanks.” Gabriel smiled. “I am a little peckish.”

“Peter. Peter! Wake up.”

Peter sat bolt upright, almost colliding with Nathan. “I was…the sun…”

He focused on Nathan, reaching to brush his fingers over the bruise on his jaw. “What hit you?”

“You did.” He rose to his feet, holding out a hand to pull Peter up after him.

“I hit you? Why?”

“You really wanted to finish what you were doing,” Nathan said dryly.

Peter frowned, looking at his hands. “I was…”


He looked up in surprise, only then registering the canvases scattered around him. They must have been Isaac’s; Peter never used anything but paper and pencils, but these were painted.

“I don’t even remember coming down here,” he admitted, glancing around the studio. “Sorry, Mohinder,” he added as the geneticist stepped around a canvas.

“You were quite intent. I thought it best not to disturb you, so I called Nathan.”

Peter was barely listening, studying the pictures and frowning. “Recognise anything?” Nathan asked.

“No. This…” Peter reached for one, fingers curling into a fist just before he would have touched it. “I’ve never even…”

A city that seemed to be mostly composed of glass rested on a huge sea. Towers and spires soared into the sky and the whole thing gleamed in the sun.

“How far into the future can you see?” Mohinder asked, joining them.

“Not that far. Besides…” he glanced at the next one. “You’re not older.”

Mohinder stood in some kind of lab, one hand held out as though pacifying someone just out of frame.

“You sure that’s the same place?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah.” Peter moved on; in the next one he was standing on a balcony overlooking the city, facing off against…

“Sylar,” Mohinder muttered.

Sylar, in Air Force uniform, was facing Peter. Peter’s hands sparked with electricity; Sylar’s were covered in ice.

“In uniform?” Nathan protested. “He’s never served.”

“How do you know?” Peter asked, smiling crookedly.

“Trust me. He’s never worn a uniform. Certainly not Air Force.”

Peter nodded, taking it on faith. “Is that it?”

“No.” Mohinder turned, picking up one more. “This was the first one. You knocked it over while moving past.”

He placed it on an easel and Peter frowned, taking a step back. “That’s…”

“Sylar,” Mohinder agreed. “And a victim.”

The figure in front of Sylar was frozen solid and scalped. The picture was in extreme close up and nothing beyond the two figures could be seen, except for an odd symbol in the top right corner.

“That could be anywhere,” Peter complained. “There’s no…”

“Pete,” Nathan said quietly. “That one’s already happened.”


“Joe Spencer, Indiana. Found early this morning by a neighbour who hadn’t seen him around.”

“Joe Spencer,” Peter repeated softly.

“The problem,” Mohinder told them from the computer, “is that Joe Spencer is not on the List.”

“He’s not in the database?” Peter asked, following him.

“No, he’s in the database. I have his genetic make up here. But he does not have the Meta mutation.”

“Sylar doesn’t kill like this, not for regular humans,” Peter protested. “He only kills Meta that way.”

Mohinder shook his head. “Joe Spencer is not Meta.”

Peter studied the screen: Mohinder obligingly scrolled down through the information.

“Can you even read that?” Nathan asked. Peter looked up long enough to glare at him, and he added, “You’re not a geneticist, Peter, and I doubt your nurse training covers this.”

“I can read enough. Mohinder, what’s this sequence here?”

Mohinder glanced at the screen. “It’s junk DNA. Many people have it.”

Peter touched the screen lightly, gaze far away. “Are you sure?”

Mohinder glanced at Nathan for help; Nathan only raised an eyebrow, broadcasting as clearly as though he’d said it ‘What do you want me to say?’ Sighing, he looked back at Peter. “I’ll look into it.”

“Why don’t you go clean up, Pete?” Nathan suggested, offering him a bag. “Brought you some clean clothes.”

“Yeah.” Peter looked down at his paint-smeared jumper. “Probably a good idea.”

“Cancelling our leave?” Rodney protested.

Elizabeth steepled her fingers, taking a deep breath. “Joe Spencer was the only person outside the SGC who we know had the ATA gene. They have suggested that anyone with the gene stay here until they’re sure there’s no connection. You can go back to Earth, if you really want to, but they’ll ask you to stay on base or give you an escort.”

“People die on Earth every day,” he pointed out. “It’s probably a coincidence.”

“People don’t die like that,” Elizabeth said firmly.

John stirred, sitting up straighter. “How…” He shook his head. “Actually, never mind.”

“Good idea,” she murmured. “It may be unconnected; they’ve tentatively linked it to some other deaths over the last sixth months. This is just a precaution.”

Rodney sighed pointedly. “Well, I wanted to upgrade the sensors anyway.”

“How long will that take?”

“Two days. It’s internal only, won’t affect the long range.”

“Very well,” Elizabeth agreed. Rodney picked up his computer, already working on the idea as he left.

John sat forward, watching her. “SGC’s really worried?”

“They’ve locked down anyone with the gene.”

“General O’Neill must love that.”

Elizabeth smiled. “Let’s just say I’m glad I’m here and not there.”

John grinned, rising to leave.

Alice was standing outside. “Do you want to know how he died?”

“No. Thanks.”

“Are you sure? It’s interesting.”

“No, Alice, I don’t want to know how he died. What’s Rodney working on?”

“Integrating the life signs detector with the internal sensors.”

“Can he do it?”

“He can. If you don’t mind, though, I’m going to take myself off line until he’s done. Motion sickness, not fun. You’re on stand down, yes?”

John laughed softly. “Yeah, go ahead. Have a good sleep.”

Alice smiled, fading out of sight.



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Jan. 24th, 2009 03:29 am (UTC)
Oooh, a heroes atlantis crossover - awesome!!

And with all my fave character! WHoop!
Jan. 24th, 2009 07:56 am (UTC)
Keep watching...there's another thirty chapters to get through! :D
Apr. 6th, 2009 08:14 pm (UTC)
And here I thought the prolouge was intersting. It just got better. Wonderful set up!
Apr. 6th, 2009 09:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I worked really hard at getting everything lined up for this fic, and I think it came together really well. I'm glad you're ejoying it, and thanks for all the great comments!
( 4 comments — Leave a comment )