Storyteller: The Shoe Tree

I'm in an awful writing slump. Despite having projects on the go that I'm really excited about, I just can't get anything done in them. So instead, I'm transcribing stories from a collection I've had - well, all my life; they were published when I was one and two years old.

I know they're not as good without the illustrations and the narration - they came with audio tapes - but I hope someone enjoys them a little.

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Flisties, I need some help.

[personal profile] tptigger's patent bar exam is coming up. This is a big deal and, as we all know, a little boost is very welcome at a time like this. Please post an encouraging message for her here. Doesn't have to be elaborate, just a simple 'thinking of you' or 'knock them dead' or whatever. Just something to cheer her up.

This post is locked so she can't see it until the day before her exam.

Friends note

Ok, y'all, I'm going friends only. I've been getting a lot of spam comments and I want to see if this helps. I'm applying it to all my entries, so you won't be able to look back unless you're logged in.

Sorry if this bothers anyone.

I would not refuse a nice friends only banner if one was offered me. Just throwing that out there. :D